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Pink Circle Program

A Brief Intro Into the Pink Circle Program...

According to the National Cancer Institute, 2.4 million women in the United States were treated for Breast Cancer in 2004 (American Cancer Society 2007). Early detection and great advances in treatment and research will mean more and more women will survive Breast Cancer. Just a mere 10 years ago, a woman with Herceptin positive Breast Cancer would not have lived. With medical treatment today, she will live a full and long life. However, there is a caveat, despite this good news. Cancer treatment takes an enormous toll on the womanʼs body. New treatments mean that late term effects are not yet totally understood. There are risks and side effects, as with all surgical and radiological and pharmaceutical interventions.

During almost one year of treatment, the body can age a decade! There can be cardio toxicity, weight gain, fatigue, muscle atrophy, premature menopause and bone loss, just to name some of the most common side effects. 

Women are now surviving, but they are weak and physically challenged even to do basic activities of daily living. Every woman is different and so is the effect of treatment unique for each person. 

This is why ʻPink Circleʼ is offering an opportunity for you to develop your knowledge to create a scientific, sound, safe and effective exercise program for the Breast Cancer Survivor.

Here we will focus on 5 aspects of the comprehensive exercise program:

  • Pilates Breath to increase immune function

  • Strength through Resistive Training

  • Postural Support to bring the body back into symmetry and alignment

  • Mobilization of the Joints to assist with the side effects of the treatment and bring better balance

  • Lengthening of the body, increasing body awareness, decreasing scar tissue, and bringing the body back into alignment

The benefits of Pilates for the breast cancer patient are many. Pilates is low impact, performed supine, and in an intimate safe setting, increases lymph drainage with proper breathing techniques, improves shoulder girdle mechanics (which aids in the breakdown of scar tissue and frozen shoulder), restores ROM, gives upright posture alignment, increases balance, enhances core strength and re-establishes proper muscular firing patterns to name a few. 

In ʻPink Circleʼ we focus on the major benefits of strength, breath work, posture and symmetry, joint mobility and lengthening.

We invite you to learn more about this exciting fitness program and how it can help you...or even a family member or friend. Contact us today!

:: Email: pilatesmentor7@aol.com 

:: Phone: 760.845.4796

​“Pilates exercise accompanying treatment for cancer is gaining acceptance in the fitness community. Safe and supportive programs are improving quality of life for survivors. The physical and psychological benefits of exercise and Pilates can aid in the rehabilitation and recovery of this special population”.  -- Dr. Joseph Camp